Journey down Singapore’s history, culture and nature on bikes!


Let our experienced guides take you on a learning journey that will open your eyes to the heart of Singapore: how history shaped our land, government and people; what holds the different cultures and peoples together; how we planned this sustainable city – offering people a high quality of life and conserving and enhancing greenery and nature.


Exploring a new city by bicycle will get you to use all your senses and interact deeply with the place. In doing so, you will get far richer experiences and insights of the city. Instead of passively looking through the barrier of the glass window of a bus or car, you will see how vibrant the actual colours of the city are; feel the cool breeze in your hair and smell the authentic scents of food, flowers and the environment. Cyclists can follow their guide to smaller roads to explore places off the beaten track! They will feel the wonder of nature as they cycle through the lush paths in a park and the foodie cyclist can easily stop at small traditional shops to taste the local foods.


What are you waiting for? Sign up, grab a bike and really get to know Singapore!

Ideal for the Family


Gentle pace to soak in all the sights you want

Small Groups


Small groups for personalized attention and safety

It’s Great Fun!


Get up close and personal with the vibrancy of the city



The River of Life

Clarke Quay

We start our cycling tour from Clarke Quay and explore the bridges and activities along the bank of Singapore River.

Where it all began

Civic District

Here, we trace the steps of Sir Stamford Raffles as he landed and find our way to the Esplanade Park. The journey then takes us to the old Civic District featuring many historical government buildings from the colonial days.


The road by the beach

City Hall

Bike down Beach Road, and learn about the famous Raffles Hotel and the surrounding area which used to be a European enclave. We also stop here at an eatery in a conservation shophouse for a quick traditional snack.

Green amidst the Grey

Fort Canning Hill

This is the highest (natural) point within the downtown core. Here, we will discover the many uses of Fort Canning Hill over the centuries and also learn about Singapore’s urban biodiversity.


See the day winding down

River Valley Neighbourhood

Biking back to the river, we pass iconic bridges  and observe the River in the beauty of twilight! Our Bike About Tour ends Clarke Quay, just in time for a well-deserved dinner and rest.

Admin Instructions for the Bike Tour

Tour runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Cost: $80 per pax


Private Tours Available Upon Request


FAQ On Our Bike Tour

How fit must I be to participate in this tour?

Our bike tours are designed for almost all levels of fitness. We stop every 5-700 metres to see an area of interest and also to catch a breath. All you need to do is be able to comfortably ride a bike.

How do I sign up?

You can contact us via or approach the front desk of the Studio M Hotel if you are a guest there.

Who are our guides?

All our guides are licensed by the Singapore Tourism Board. More importantly, they are knowledgeable,experienced cyclists and trained in first aid.

Do you provide helmets?

Helmets are provided free of charge.

What type of bicycles do you provide?

Our fleet of foldable city bikes were specially selected to easily managed and simple to ride. They are fully equipped with signalling bells and lights.

Are there refreshments provided?

We provide each guest with a bottle of water to stay hydrated during our tour.

Will there be rest stops?

We will be making stops along the way if you wish to purchase additional refreshments.

What is the wet weather plan?

The Bike About Tour will be delayed or postponed if (1) there is hazy condition of  psi greater than 100, or (2)  a Category 1Lightning alert. If we are already along the route, we will take shelter under nearby buildings.

What if I have to withdraw?

Please withdraw at least 2 hours before the start time of the Bike journey (1.00pm). There will not be a refund after this.